Landscape interventions

The landscape is one of the most forgotten elements when making buildings. However, landscape interventions add value to the environment and reduce its visual and environmental impact.

The Mulberry Garden

Working on all levels to ensure total user comfort, to generate the perfect living experience.
Using local materials, stone, brick and clay. Respecting existing and choosing new native species. Provoking sensations and the scent of thyme and rosemary, and celebrating the red of the cherry trees. Reeds in the water. Exalt the transit of people that pass through.

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The Mocha Tower

Unique enclave of this tower that represents an entire town. Adapt the promontory as the Aztecs did on the pilgrimage sites. To achieve a place from where one can observe and be observed..

Illuminate the reference and intervene almost without touching.

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Enlargement of La Viñuela Camping

The objective was to maintain the natural environment with ocher colors in the landscape work.

Traditional roofing.

Generate a true access to nature and between the trees to situate the pool on a brick base that complements the environment. Creating areas with great visuals to the ecosystem of the reservoir.
Inside, wood and brick give a feeling of comfort.

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Access intervention in Torrox

Generate an oasis capable of representing the best climate in Europe.

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Observatory of the fortress

We always aim to incorporate the passage of time within steel and discover how this material can reflect nature.

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Major Projects

Among our major projects are public and private works that stand out for their complexity, incoroporating both artistic and architectural values. Design, adaptability and specific needs are the basis for these values.

El Jaral Residence

The steep topography and the need to merge uses in such a recondite landscape made this a particularly challenging project.

Accomplishing the transformation of the landscape by way of architecture that fuses with its surrounding, whilst maintaining a sense of fluidity.

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SAE Andalusian Employment Service Building

The circularity of the piece was used to its full. The walls became a skin with textures. The brick was able to incorporate the passage of time.

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Market Rehabilitation


We design apartment buildings, individual apartments and terraced and semi-detached houses. Among our principles are comfort, quality and, in addition, the environment in which these buildings are framed.

Building in El Morche

Architecture of lines to fight against a very degraded urbanism. The power of the materials used is essecial in architecture. We do not believe in stridency to achieve a beautiful home.

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Building in Burriana

Balconies to the sea with pure lines of planters that break the linearity of architecture

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Houses and Family Homes

We build our clients’ dreams, totally adapted to their needs, to the functionality of each room and to the physical limitations that the family members seek.

Mexican House

The use of color should not frighten the contemporary architect into the task of turning architecture into a timeless element.
The Mexican house looks out onto the hillside with volumes and folds up, turning around itself to generate space. Inside, textures and colours humanize the spaces

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House in La Cala

The clean and serene architecture places the emphasis on the gardens.
Understanding the building as a piece of anthropised nature in its environment is the key to a good intervention. Serene and pure lines establishing an order and the green perfectly organises the final result

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House in Canillas

Located on a hillside, it was only the pretext to place that balcony to the mountain. An amazing place full of energy on which the building rests with materials from the environment, bricks and tile, but with a modern flow in pure lines

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House in Algarrobo

Experiment with the feel of the material. Achieve a cube that opens in the corners.

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House in La Cala (II)

Our objective was to create horizontal levels to emphasize the horizontality of the proposal. In this way, we took advantage of the regulations to achieve large perimetral rest spaces capable of generating freshness, with pergolas that at the same time sifted the light from those spaces.

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We bring spaces back to life

Vélez-Málaga train station

Empty the building to achieve the desired spatiality. Transmit light and serenity to the waiting space with materials of a certain abstraction and quality lighting to make more pleasant waiting room.

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Torre del Mar Lighthouse

It was enough to work with all the necessary care to restore the dome. With incorporating simple materials to stairs, recover the stone and good illumination.

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